Thursday, December 9, 2010

Painting the Town (Living Room) Red. (and white).

Its my favorite time of the year.

That's right.

Christmas decorating time.

I'm a little late on posting my pictures this year, but I'll have you know I was NOT late on getting the decor up. We didn't hesitate. We tackled it like champs. Pregnant, tired, champs. Day after thanksgiving, we all (the whole fam) headed out to Helvatia Tree Farm to pick out the perfect tree. And it was. (perfect).

see, told you.
I was so exhausted from tromping around the tree farm all day (don't get me wrong, it was fun), but I couldn't just let the poor tree sit naked and lonely, in an un-christmasy house. I had to suck it up and get to decorating. I documented a few things along the way, so enjoy!

Our homemade star made out of clothes pins from our wedding.
I never seem to find a star i really love, so on our first Christmas I made this guy.
It has held up pretty well.

Jars full of salt and candles. Courtesy of Gifted Magazine.
Cheap, only 5 cartons of table salt at $.75 each,
and candles from the dollar store. 4 for $1.

Some festive recycled wrapping paper in cheapo frames.

A little homemade garland from a few years back.

Candy canes.
Because it is Christmas.
That's all.

More jars.

I have a billion jars, so I use them every year.
lots of ways to change it up.

Birdies on the tree.

These guys are from Starbucks a few years ago,
they went on sale after Christmas so we cleaned out the whole store.

Classic red and white.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get tired of this or think its cheesey.
Its Christmas.

Awww. I love it. Keep posting your decorations, if you haven't already. Which I'm sure you have because its December 9th.

Happy Christmas.

I'm happier than a pig in poop.

yes, I just said that.

everyone loves to eat

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