Thursday, April 29, 2010

Procrastinaters Unite

Raise your hand if you like to procrastinate.
(hand raise)

So, the giveaway drawing is postponed...

...because i'm busy.

...and also because more people need to enter its loveliness.

..and also my computer at home broke down so i can only blog at work which is not a good use of my time and i feel guilty doing that... enter if you haven't already because i'll be picking a winner on...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Very Pretty Giveaway

Today is an exciting day for me.


because I am hosting my very first giveaway!

I have been wanting to do a give-away for quite a while now, but haven't really had any excess of time on my hands to make anything particularly worthy of giving away. A lame excuse, i know this. Nevertheless...i was asked to do host a giveaway for an amazingly talented little lady, found via my friend Sharlyn, and her refurbished jewelry creations, which i absolutely have fallen in love with. introducing....

Tori at Diamanti

Her etsy shop is Diamanti, and its just perfect.

Am i allowed to win my own give-away? probably not.

Here is whats up for grabs.

i am envious.

here's how it works. its pretty easy folks, there are 3 chances to win.

1)go browse the Diamanti etsy shop and pick out your fav, come back and
leave a comment on why you like it.

2)leave another comment (thats two comments, double chances to win, yesss) if
you are a follower of this blog.

3)post a link to this giveaway on your own blog or on facebook, or twitter (but i dont use twitter so i'll never actually know), and leave a comment with the link!

I'll be picking a winner on Wednesday evening, April 28th.

And while you're at it, don't forget to enter Lauren's giveaway over at The Little Things We Do. maybe you'll win two, won't that be special!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can i please?

Dear sun,

can you please stick around for more than two days at a time so
that i can do the following things.
so i can...

ride in this

walk down this

be barefoot here

go to this party
and eat these

carry flowers in this
and lounge here

(images found via erineverafter)

ummm, please? ok thank you, have a good day behind the clouds.
love always,
Amanda and her friends

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fill in The Blank Friday

Fill that blank in right now. do it now.

then put it here so i can read it.

k? thanks.

1. The first thing I do in the morning is
go for a quick 3
mile run to get the day started....
(obviously not).
I get up and get a cup of coffee that i didnt have to make because my
coffee pot is smart and made it for me, how nice of it. Thank you , thoughtful
coffee pot.

2. Every night before bed i set three alarms and pre-make the coffee so it
starts in the morning

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is ...oops, go shopping..just a little bit

4. Something that makes me cringe is when i go to the gym and use the studio room when
there is no class going on...and there is ONE guy in there, grunting and
blasting fowl rap music with f-bombs and nasty lyrics SO loud that i can't even
keep count of my reps in my head. Then he starts rapping along and walking up to
the mirror and looking at his muscles in it...then realizing he is an employee
of the gym...and not just an employee...a manager.

5. Social situations are great, but sometimes I would rather be by myself in
some quiet space because i don't get that very often.

6. I like to collect anything old. I wouldnt say i really have a
collection of anything specific, jsut little odds and ends that grab my
attention or seem like a good deal.

7. Weekends are for not caring what time it is.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

princess moment

this pretty much sums up how i feel right now.

Sombody tell me to get over it already.

image from The Dark Side via weheartit

Monday, April 12, 2010

.Happy Monday.

This weekend went by too fast! I thoroughly enjoyed the infrequent bursts of sunshine though! We got a chance to do our most favorite of things...BBQ. Ben's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and the family surprised him with a tiny little party and big fat new grill.

a little birthday banner

made out of a $.25 book
and some twine from the $1.00 bin at target

a proud man and his grill
(complete with bottle opener).

and a happy, muddy puppy.

Hopefull the sun sticks or around (or should i say, comes back) so Ben can try all his fancy-schmancy recipes on tips from his "BBQ Bible".

Got any good grilling tips or recipes to share?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love love love love today

I love today.

I am a happy girl. I am sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee, Ben is taking Tangle puppy to daycare (yessss), i have a new vacuum, there are daffodils on my kitchen table, i have four new springy items in my closet (OK lets be honest, they haven't made it to my closet yet, they truthfully still hanging over my dresser mirror so i can admire them), i have grainy, seed-filled, spelty, flourless delicious toast in my belly, and I have some marvelous things on my agenda today:

**not necessarily in this order**

1: rid my floors, dresser-tops, guest room chairs, and all other non-laundry-holding-intended items of unwanted laundry. Yes, i will be folding and hanging and sorting and singing in my pj's whilst doing so.

2: Home Depot trip for the following items:
cabinet latches to prevent puppy intrusion under the sink where the garbage can is.
one large can of chalkboard paint for the wall behind my kitchen table...which now is green and holds a much smaller chalkboard from ikea which never has enough room for all the things i need to remember in a day.
one light switch cover, hanging lamp cord kit, and
a wire basket for a little homemade lamp action (we'll see how that turns out...we all know i am bad at following directions).

3: A special anniversary drive in the country with miss Annalore.


4: Coconut macadamia nut crusted Mahi mahi. delish.

5: A life-changing (not really), way too hard work out with Jillian Michaels, who I am growing to hate more and more. check it out here. prepare to have leg tremors.

Happy Saturday to y'all!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fill in the Donut Holes...I mean blanks

Fill In The Blank


Because its Friday. Duh.

(a very small, tiny donut...with rainbow sprinkles)

here we go, fillin' it in...

1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten was

Alligator jerky in New Orleans. odd. gross. Tasted like fishy beef. if that makes sense.

2. My best friend is

the person who will laugh at me when I'm 80 and can't hold my farts in while i walk (i'm married to him).

3. If I could live in a different era it would be

late 1800's, early 1900's.


I want to be a pioneer and plant peas in my garden and live in a house made of sod like laura ingalls wilder.

4. I like

to sleep in on Saturdays, take Tangle to doggie daycare (genius invention), drink coffee and eat toast and eggs in my pjs with ben, put on saturday clothes (leggings, tennies, pony-tail, bangs pinned back, sweatshirt), maybe throw in one load of laundry and forget to fold it, finally get in the shower at 5 pm, light the BBQ, have some friends over, get back in pj's, watch a flick, fall asleep.

5. If you only know one thing about me it should be

That the only reason I get up in the morning is because of hope. Its because I have something greater that I live for. I am living to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. I wake up every morning knowing that i am loved unconditionally and redeemed, and that i have found everything I have ever or will ever want, and that I can live every single day with that assurance. You should know that anything good in me is not from me but from Him. :-)


6. My favorite book of all time is

"Little House on the Prairie", by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Actually, the whole set. My mom and dad used to read these to me every night, and then I would sit in his lap and he would let me read them to him. good memories. And I found out that my good friend Laura is distantly related to her! AMAZING! lucky gal.

7. The one beauty product I couldn't live without is

Big Sexy Hair spray-"spray and play". Without it, my hair is a flat, sad, lifeless mess...this stuff is magic on my hair. Makes it big and voluminous and just the right amount of textured without being sticky or crunchy. and it stays in there for a few days and gives you that second or third day hair look. Love it. Can't live without it. $18.00 bucks a can every two weeks better be worth it.

8. Blogging is

a whole new world that I didn't really know existed. Kinda fabulous. I love every one's uniqueness and I love when you find out that someone is really inspired our touched or tickled by something you said, not knowing if anyone would read it.

9. If I could star in a movie with any actor/actress I would want to work with

my bff (girl version) Anna. Nobody would watch our movie though, because we would be the only people who would think its funny. Everyone else would actually probably find it annoying. Raise your hand if you know what kind of friendship i'm talking about. (hand raise)

10. One of the best feelings in the world is

Dreaming up unrealistic plans with Ben and really not caring if they pan out or not, but knowing that it doesn't really matter because we will be together anyway.

Enjoy your own blank filling fun,
and link it up here to Miss Lauren's.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Honey

♥For my Mama and my Nanny♥


She grew up on the side of the road

Where the church bells ring and strong
love grows

She grew up good

She grew up slow

Like American honey

Steady as a preacher
Free as a weed
Couldn't wait to get goin'
But wasn't quite ready to leave
So innocent, pure and sweet
American honey

There's a wild, wild whisper
Blowin' in the wind
Callin' out my name like a long lost friend
Oh I miss those days as the years go by
Oh nothing's sweeter than summertime
And American honey

Get caught in the race
Of this crazy life
Tryin' to be everything can make you lose your mind
I just wanna go back in time
To American honey, yea

There's a wild, wild whisper
Blowin' in the wind
Callin' out my name like a long lost friend
Oh I miss those days as the years go by
Oh nothing's sweeter than summertime
And American honey

Gone for so long now
I gotta get back to her somehow
To American honey

There's a wild, wild whisper
Blowin' in the wind
Callin' out my name like a long lost friend
Oh I miss those days as the years go by
Oh nothin's sweeter than summertime
And American honey

everyone loves to eat

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