Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love weekends...

Well, it's Sunday night and I (Ben) figured I should write my first post while we got a few minutes. Just finished a wonderful home-cooked meal by my amazing wife - sun-dried tomato chicken sausage with corn on the cob and garlic bread and washed down with a cold Coca Cola Classic (straight out of the glass bottles - Mexico style!).

This weekend was a doozy! Fun but exhausting. Friday night, we had the Reedal's (Jeremy and Katy) over for a BBQ. It was excellent - the guys out in the back grilling with the dog, and the girls inside chatting away. Jeremy and I felt pretty lucky as we sat out on the patio flipping burgers. Life couldn't get any better.

Saturday I was up and at 'em at 4:30 am. Why, you might ask? I was off to Eugene to Autzen stadium where the Ducks took on the Utes thanks to some tickets scored by the big man, Papa Grizz (aka Tom Reedal). It was a jam packed day which started off with breakfast sandwiches at 6 am, then some tailgating at Skinners Butte with pulled pork and coleslaw, and italian sausage. By the time the game started we (me, J, Eric, Papa Grizz, Randy Renfro and John Stady) all could barely move. The game was a good one (Ducks 31, Utes 24). I know you're all wondering, why was Benny the Beaver at a Ducks game? I know, I know it was hard, but can't pass up a ticket to a Pac-10 game. Although I didn't wear any orange, I was certainly rooting for the Utes. After the game we went to yet another BBQ place - Howling Coyote for more pulled pork sandwiches. At this point, we all were sweating and nauseous so we hopped on I-5 for the long ride home. It was a good day which ended falling asleep on the couch with my beautiful wife!

Sunday, we woke up and I took Tangle for a long walk while Amanda got ready for work. Tangle and I hung out for most of the day while we waited for Amanda to get off work. We paid her a little visit on her lunch break where we headed across the street for some delicious Thai Food.

Here's a picture of Tangle eating lunch with us. He didn't have Chicken Pad Thai, of course, but the next best thing - Beneful Puppy Chow - yum!
Finally, after a long workday for Amanda, we shot off to church for the 5 pm service and then home for dinner.

It was a long, jam-packed weekend and this picture about sums up how we're feeling right now - ready for bed...

Well, here's to another Monday and a fun-filled week with my adorable wife and my goofy dog! I love my life! Thank you Lord for blessing me so much!

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