Saturday, September 19, 2009

Introducing Tangle Scout Newell

So, to start things off with our very first blog post ever, I (Amanda) decided to introduce ourselves and our family so far. Including our recent addition: a psycho energetic Brittany puppy named Tangle. I guess we should start with him since he is mostly what consumes our free time these days.

Here he is at 6 weeks old, when we first brought him home on in July after coming home from a camping trip to Scout lake where we saw a very sweet, calm, well behaved little Brittany puppy sitting under a tree.

We had to have one so, very much like ourselves, we said "why not" and found a breeder the day we got home (after some good research on the breed), and decided this was the guy for us. It didn't take long for him to get acquainted with the family, and now he is a gangley awkward ball of energy, with a few slight behavioral issues along the way :-) He's very much a puppy which includes eating everything is sight, and running full speed at my parents screen door and knocking it off the tracks. We're working on channeling the insane amount of energy into training. Here are some more recent pictures of out first trip to the beach with him a couple days ago. He loved it, but had a little too much sand in his shorts...

Looking very handsome on the way there..

A world of free digging awaited him..
This stick went everywhere with him that day...
This pretty much the extent of what took place...giant holes in the beach

...After a couple hours of digging, running around, splashing in the water, chewing on sea shells, triumphantly dragging huge sticks around, and eating half the sand in Lincoln City...someone got a little bit sick. When I say sick, I mean Niagara Falls amount of throwing up 8 or 9 times. Including once on Ben's lap, and twice in the car. Poor guy looked miserable, but we couldn't help but laugh. It was like a little kid who ate way too much candy and played way too hard and just crashed. After about the 6th time throwing up it was pretty much all sand. He slept the whole way home and all through the night.

...The next morning he was back to normal, curious as ever. A hilarious day we will never forget!

Okay, lastly, here is one picture of us from the day at the beach. I'm on the right (obviously), and Ben, looking strapping with his long locks is on the left. We are bestest friends if you cant tell! :-)


  1. so cute :). i remember the first time we took our dog to the beach. it was hillarious. excited to read your blog!


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