Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, hi!

Oh...well hi there!

Okay okay, I know that I have been a very bad girl...but i'm not really sorry because i have been having lots and lots of fun :-). Not that blogging isn't fun...but hey, the sun has been out.

Anyway, I thought i would share a little bit of mother's day festivities (i know, kinda late) with ya'll. We had my mom and dad and bro and sister in law (who is a new mommy) over on mother's day for a little brunch. It was so warm we ate outside!

sorry for the not-so-top-knotch-photography.

The Menu:


.buttermilk blackberry scones.

.cheesey hashbrown caserol.

.fresh fruit.

The Decor:

hydrangea and ranunculus

paper flowers made from tissue paper at the dollar store.

place settings using things i already had

mismatched vases wrapped in target dollar bin twine


celebrity guest

a fun day celebrating my mommy!
i love parties.


  1. glad you posted! ...i've been missing me some amanda! but i'm glad you're having fun living real life :). your mother's day brunch looks lovely and i must did you make those pom poms? will you shoot me an e-mail?

    hope you have a lovely day despite the yucky rain :(.

  2. oh that looks like so much fun!! i would say that's way way better and more fun then blogging!

  3. Wow, this is REALLY beautiful. The little touches added a lot. I love the ranunculus, it's one of my favorite flowers. And your menu sounds so delish as well!


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