Friday, June 11, 2010

a long friday.

Its been a long week! A few things that are getting me through my twelve hour Friday work day...


dreaming of this vacation.

my oregon print.
i my state.
yes, even now.

wishing for this dining spot.

an art project.

my mantle with a little inspiration.

my birthday present.
(which i will don again when the flood in my backyard dries up)

Annnd THIS video. which i'm sure is old news by now, but i just love it!

well, only elevn hours to go until an 80 degree weekend!
enjoy your Fridays!


  1. I am so excited for the sun this weekend. I love your mantle... and your blog :)

  2. ow this is great! what a great idea to pump yourself up. great post! have a great weekend!

  3. ummmm....i think i NEED that oregon print. where did you find it?

  4. wouldn't banks be considered tangle's uncle?


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