Wednesday, September 1, 2010

party time

Lately I have been itching to throw a party or a small dinner to savor the last moments of summer while we still have it. Not that I'm sad. I love fall, but that's another post. Here are some lovely ideas I have been drooling over lately.

{All images found via Erin Ever After}

maybe a farmer's market inspired table of color

a frilly buffet of sweets

so girly. i need an occasion for this. A baby shower?
quick, someone get pregnant with a girl whose name starts with "R"

perhaps something along these beautiful lines.
"L is for Libations". i love it.

again with the paper bunting decorations

a colorful, whimsical, vignette

I'm gonna need a lake for this one. and only one guest.

so many romantic and woodsy details.

Now all I need is an occasion. Actually, scratch that, no occasion necessary.
life. life is the occasion.


  1. i like the "colorful, whimsical vignette" best ;). now if only i had a cute yellow chest of drawers to drag out to my backyard......

  2. love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i'm always looking for an occasion to decorate for a girly party! so many precious ideas.


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