Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things I Have Been Doing

really exciting post title. I wonder what it will be about?

Last week Ben was gone in Arizona for work all week, so I put myself to work a little bit, with the help of my bestest good friend Annalore, and gave him an office face-lift. I erased all my pictures of it because he was being sneaky and snooping through my phone. So I don't have any before and after photos. I'll take some more and put them up now that its not a surprise anymore. He was pretty excited though, he said "i want to sleep in here". I said "not ok".

This last weekend we had some good times relaxing and hanging out with the family. Since I'm lame and always forget to take pictures, I'll show you a few things that the last week/weekend have entailed...

Frozen yogurt for dinner 2 out of the 5 nights I was home alone. The other 3 nights included one night of happy hour, one night of cereal and a bag of kettle corn, and one night of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hello college student.

Hanging out with this little stinker. She is getting so big I can't even handle it. She was pretty hilarious at the farmers market and the fountain. Soooo much to look at. I freakin' love her!

We stocked up on veggies and fruit and BBQ sandwiches. Funny story of the day: Rachel (sister-in-law) got a thing of fries, and whilst standing in line, an elderly gentleman came up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and the following transaction took place:

man: "are you gonna eat all those?"

Rachel: "no, I'm sharing them."

man: {reaches out and grabs a french fry off her plate and EEEAAATS IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER}

What the heck?

Anyway, here's the cute baby to look at...with my giant hand.

Since I was feeling project-happy while Ben was gone...I also rigged up this little guy here. I have been needing a place to display all the cute invitations, cards, and save-the-dates I have been getting and I got tired of a ream of paper being dumped on my kitchen floor every time I open the fridge...so I decided this was a better option. Look at the stinkin' truck one on the left. I guess you can't really see it, but it belongs to my friend sweet friend who just got married with a country wedding. Her pictures are adorable.

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So there are a couple things i have been up to. Some of the other include delicious dinners with friends, visiting a new church downtown for the night, brunch with my parents, and work...which is unnecessary to blog about.

And now, go check out miss Lauren's giveaway!

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  1. can't wait to see ben's office makeover - i bet it looks super cute.... er.... manly.... :).

    oh....and i love that you had fro yo, PBJ & cereal for dinners. you and i are totally dinner soul mates. true story.


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