Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Couple Weekend Happenings

Just a couple pictures from my favorite happenings last weekend.
It was filled with the cutest niece alive, sunshine all day Saturday, antiquing, tiny baby slippers, biscuits and gravy, and lots and lots of washing and folding towels. There aren't very many pictures because once again, I forgot to document the fun because because I was too busy enjoying it!
Avery hiding under the table.

Yes, I am huuuuuuge! ♥

We found these adorable little booties at an antique store and snatched them up.
I can't wait to put them on Evelyn's little feet!

Can every day please be the weekend?


  1. oh you are just positively glowing! so excited for you to have your little love nugget :)

  2. you look great friend! glowing with baby! I must not have seen you in awhile cause your hair is getting SO long! Love you lots and we so need to hang out soon! xoxo and give evelyn a kiss for me!

  3. So I posted (or attempted to post) a super long response to your awesome blog and then it somehow disappeared! I adore your sincerity-I recently literally burnt socks-yes, seriously charred them. I agree with every bit of this-definitely a Mary and Martha thing!


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