Wednesday, January 19, 2011

teeny weeny

In case you didn't already know, we found out we're having a little baby girl!

We couldn't be more happy to have a healthy little lady on the way. We went to our 20 week ultrasound last Monday and got to see all her little fingers and toes and her cute face and round head. We even got to see her empty her bladder. I'm sure that will get old after a while :-)
Here she is
Evelyn Rosemary Newell

I can't stop looking at her little picture. We are getting all geared up to get the nursery cleaned out and ready for decorating (yipee!!!), since Ben was totally blessed with an office right down the road, we got to move all his things over there and make some room! Now he won't have to share a room with baby! As we've been excitedly browsing ideas for the room, registering, and enjoying this fun time of feeling her gentle little nudges inside, I've been getting into a tiny bit of trouble with the....clothes. oops. I have been a good girl and haven't bought anything (i mean much) yet, but have been tagging little things I see here and there...I have a running list. This is the best. I am so happy we're having a girl (though I would have been happy either way....honest to goodness).

adorable coral sailor stripes

a girly little bunny

obviously this is happening.

girls are made to wear eyelet anything

I love the waistband

Frills for days.

of course, not clothes, but classically girly

this is not girly.
it is also $58, which means it will never happen.
but its still cute

Oh this is going to be fun!
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Congratulations!! So happy for you and your exciting news! <3

  2. ohhh manda! :) so excited for you and your sweet little one:) how blessed she will be!

  3. YAYA so so so exciting!!! happy for you guys!! :)

  4. The new layout is adorable, as is all of the things you posted! I think the Lord knew I would have gone crazy buying clothes if I had a girl, although I do enjoy the challenge of finding awesome boy stuff :) I used to stare at my ultrasound pictures all the time too!

    PS: enjoy the nudges while they are gentle and little!

  5. love baby evelyn already! so excited to see that cute little nose in person and get my baby snuggle fix! so happy for you and ben!

  6. so excited for you guys!! and i love the name sweet. i have a grandma named rosemary too :).

    you are going to be the cutest little mommy and it's going to be so fun having girl cousins close in age with your niece avery. so fun!


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