Monday, August 22, 2011

Outings Galore

We are a one car family. This means Ben usually has the car during the weekdys for work and Evy and I stick around the house most of the time. This is ok since she is still is the stages of nursing a lot and usually falls asleep on me for her naps. Its tough to get out during the day for more than a couple hours anyway, especially by myself. Anyway, when the weekends come, we like to try and do some fun t hings as a family. It takes some convincing sometimes since there are about a million things to do around the house.

Really, its like a war zone.

Thats ok, just promise not to be bothered if you stop by and you cant remember if you came to my house or to the Old Navy clearance section on black friday. messy.

But the important thing is this: its summer and my family is cute.

just at the lake!

I love nanna

but not as much as mommy and daddy

this is not my family, but I do love him.

Ben needed a $5 elephant ear at the zoo.

little pea pod

i know, kinda cute.

the fam.

not lovin the water so much


super baby


  1. you are one HOT mama! Let's hang out soon! we will come to you since you have no car ;)

  2. Toooo cute!!! Love your posts! :) And the pics are soooo sweet! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  3. so precious, your little family! and i really feel like i need to go ahead and order that giraffe for my future babes.


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