Monday, April 12, 2010

.Happy Monday.

This weekend went by too fast! I thoroughly enjoyed the infrequent bursts of sunshine though! We got a chance to do our most favorite of things...BBQ. Ben's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and the family surprised him with a tiny little party and big fat new grill.

a little birthday banner

made out of a $.25 book
and some twine from the $1.00 bin at target

a proud man and his grill
(complete with bottle opener).

and a happy, muddy puppy.

Hopefull the sun sticks or around (or should i say, comes back) so Ben can try all his fancy-schmancy recipes on tips from his "BBQ Bible".

Got any good grilling tips or recipes to share?


  1. i love your birthday banner! very precious! (:

  2. Super cute birthday banner! I hope you get to BBQ again soon! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. that birthday banner is adorable! i'm stowing this away in the idea section of my brain :).


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