Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can i please?

Dear sun,

can you please stick around for more than two days at a time so
that i can do the following things.
so i can...

ride in this

walk down this

be barefoot here

go to this party
and eat these

carry flowers in this
and lounge here

(images found via erineverafter)

ummm, please? ok thank you, have a good day behind the clouds.
love always,
Amanda and her friends


  1. Can I please join you?! haha I agree the sun gets me all excited for a day and then leaves! I want to go lounge there..

  2. LOVE IT! So beautiful!

    Sun is amazing.

  3. i hope the sun listens to you. this gloominess sucks. i hope you're having a good week beautiful lady!

  4. well aren't you just adorable? :)

  5. I'm in love with these photos!

  6. ack! i love the little flapjacks with flags in them!!!
    i need to do that tomorrow morning, i think. for breakkie.
    cute blog, by the way.


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