Thursday, April 29, 2010

Procrastinaters Unite

Raise your hand if you like to procrastinate.
(hand raise)

So, the giveaway drawing is postponed...

...because i'm busy.

...and also because more people need to enter its loveliness.

..and also my computer at home broke down so i can only blog at work which is not a good use of my time and i feel guilty doing that... enter if you haven't already because i'll be picking a winner on...



  1. i always tell myself that if i come up with something productive to do instead of what i REALLY need to do, it's not procrastinating. so if i clean instead of applying for jobs or paying bills, it's not really procrastinating.

    oh, and booooo for broken computers!

  2. haha! i'm a procrastinator too, so i completely understand :).


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