Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Monday!

Its beautiful (but freeeeezing) outside my window.
Here is a little question game to start off the week. It'll be a busy one for me!

six names you go by:


."ding"(the bell ringing at the desk at my work).

."what's your name again?".
...i can only think of four.

three things you're wearing right now:

.navy/white striped sailor tank (F21)
.new mustard short sleeved cartigan (Target)
.turquoise jingley necklace (F21)

notice a theme?


four things you want at this exact moment:

.hardwood floors.
.a well behaved dog.
.a vacation.

two things you did last night:

.ate mahi-mahi and corn on the cob.
.hung out with my fam.

two people you last talked to on the phone:



two things you're going to do tomorrow:

.help out in NE.

.celebrate Father's Day again.

three favorite drinks:

.iced vanilla dopio with cream.
.iced soy green tea latte.
.plain ol' french press with


vanilla creamer.

Play along if you'd like,

and have a delightful Monday!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. i love the color scheme and the cheap theme of your outfit. it's exactly my kind of outfit - CHEAP! haha :).

    i am now inspired to concoct a navy/mustard/turquoise ensemble.

  2. Im going to play along even if I'm a few days late, and this will equal a really long comment :)
    1. Six names: Anna, Annalore, Ann, Rooooommmie, Ruby, Anna___(rhymes with lore)
    2. Three things I'm wearing: pearls, the cutest black sandals with flowers on them, and a black and white tank because its finally warm!
    3. Four things I want: American Dream Pizza, a surf session, followed by a hammock, a big raise
    4. Two things i did last night: Played bocci ball, spilled whip cream all over someones kitchen while trying to shake it.
    5. Two people you last talked to on phone: My phone has been lost for days so my boss.
    6. Two things to do tomorrow: work a double (ugh), talk about quitting one of the two jobs.
    7. Three Fav Drinks: Really good black coffee, kombucha, and Red Wine ties with Bourbon for last place. (im also adding milkshakes because i want to).

    Hope you enjoyed reading that :)


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