Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 1

Project 31.

Day 1.
What does beauty mean to you?

Hmmm, starting out with the deep stuff. Here goes!

I think beauty can come in a million different forms. When I think something is beautiful, it means that I am finding a deep appreciation for it either to my senses, or my soul...or both. Beauty is when I can see the creativeness of God's hand in something else. I am a lover of beautiful things. Who isn't?

But here's the thing about beauty...the bible says beauty is vain. What does that mean? Sometimes when I read that, I have a hard time understanding why a God who made so many beautiful things, including women, says that beauty is vain. I really don't think it means that I should not be beautiful. I also don't think it means don't make myself lovely for my husband. I think it means that beauty according to the world's standards, is in someday, it will be gone. The verse goes on to say, "..but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." (proverbs 30). This is what lasting beauty is.

I work at a retirement home. The average age of our residents
is 90. Everyday I look at people who are at the end of their life, and all their
worldly beauty has faded. Not even one of them has been able to fight off the
effects of age on their body and mind. Every single one of them, no matter how
healthy and stunning they may have been in their younger days, has a million
wrinkles, crooked fingers, drooping eyelids, grey hair (or no hair), a hunched
back, and yellow teeth (or no teeth). There is one couple, John and Irma who are
in their 90's. She can't make him dinner anymore, he can't build her a house or
buy her nice things. They can't go dancing anymore, they can't make

This last year, the celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.
Everyday they go to breakfast together, walk back to their room, come down to
lunch, walk back to their room, walk down the hall to dinner, check their mail,
buy milk, and go back to their room. They are companions. They have children and
grandchildren and great grandchildren. They are still together and loving each
other after 70 years of watching all their physical beauty fade away right
before their eyes. And they are still side by side. Beauty does not stand the
test of time, and there is no point in spending thousands of thousands of
dollars on products and surgeries to make your skin tighter and your boobs
perkier. A man and woman who have had an entire lifetime honoring God with their
lives, through every season, even when all the beauty is gone

That is very beautiful.


  1. I LOVE THIS. One of my favorite project 31 post on what beauty really is so far : ). I hope to be that old couple with my husband someday.

    I love your blog and I am SO glad you are joining in!


  2. loved today's post! very excited to read the rest of the 31 posts!

  3. I definitely teared up reading this...this was beautiful (pun intended). It is amazing how beauty effects us unlike any other being on this earth. I am ready for the next post :)

  4. THIS is beautiful. If only the whole world could understand something so pure. xoxo

  5. What a beautiful post. I very much agree.

  6. hi pretty girl, what a nice idea! I may steal it from you.. and the lady you stole it from ;) Hope you are well! xoxo.


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