Thursday, March 10, 2011

faulty water bottle+exhausted pregnant lady...and Day 2

Today's math lesson:

Faulty water bottle on bedside table with a lid that doesn't actually screw on tight


sprawling around in the night because pregnant lady has to turn over every 13 minutes or her giant hip gets a cramp


knocking over 16 ounces of ice water at 2:00 in the morning all over my pillow, slippers, bed, and alllll the way underneath the bed where I can't possibly reach it.

(combined this with the most exhausted person in the world, and the result is a lot of tears in the middle of the night).

I'm glad I have a patient husband who doesn't make fun of me when I cry over spilled ice water.

I have to say I am starting to reach that point in pregnancy I keep reading and hearing about, where you start to revert back to the beginning stages of feeling so tired all you want to do is sleep all day. I still feel great physically, no sickness or pain, but I'm starting to get SO TIRED again. I was sick last weekend, so I stayed home from work on Monday, went in late on Tuesday, and guess what...I'm home again today. I am up long enough to eat some breakfast (at noon?), and let it settle, then I'm going back to bed. Lets just hope its a rough week, since I still have about 2 more months left at work and I hate calling in to say I can't come. Side note...everyone I work with is amazing. They are so supportive and never make me feel guilty for not being there...I just hate having a responsibility and feeling like I can't do it. I need to get over it. Ben is so encouraging too. He always encourages me to take care of myself and listen to my body when I need to rest. I'm a blessed lady.

Anyway, all that to say, my update on week 28 of pregnancy is that I am bloated from drinking a large bottle of glucola at the doctor on Monday, and I am a tired girl. I am sitting on the couch staring at the computer like a zombie (i think I look like a zombie too), thinking about crawling back in bed. Its gonna happen any minute, folks.

But before I fall asleep...

Day 2:

What makes you uniquely you?

I don't really know how to answer this, I feel like there are a million things put together that make me unique. Here are some to give you an idea.

I have never had a nose bleed

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pioneer really bad until I found out that in order to grow a garden you had to pull weeds every day.

My dad was a pastor all growing up.

My family is from the South (Tennessee).

I don't like Easter decorations.

My favorite food is mushrooms.

My other favorite food is chocolate.

I don't like chocolate and mushrooms together, but that's not unique because nobody would like that unless they are a nut.

I change my mind 147 times a day.

When I go to a restaurant, I really need to look at the menu BEFORE I sit down so that I don't get overwhelmed with the decision making process of ordering under pressure.

I hate math but I like numbers.

I love art but not when someone tells me I need to do it a certain way.

I hate cats

I would rather change a poopy diaper than wash a stranger's dirty dishes.

I really like shopping by myself instead of with other people.

One time I met Hilary Duff in the airport, and she said "what's up, yo?"

When I walk in the house, I leave a piece of whatever I'm carrying in every room I walk in, and none of them are the correct place for that item.

I wore the same toe ring for 6 years without taking it off. I took it off 6 months ago and my toe still has an indent.

I got engaged in New York City.

There are a few things about me. All random, nothing too deep. I am a little bit sleepy for that! If you're still reading, I commend you! Hope you all have a delightful Thursday.


  1. I really think you are awesome. Your baby is going to have one amazing mother...

  2. hey love! just started following your blog :) Haven't seen your face in forever... hope you feel a little more energized this weekend. And I too, prefer shopping, of any kind, alone.

  3. Hope you get your energy back soon!


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