Monday, March 7, 2011

hot chocolate, tacos, magazines, and cribs

We have been havin' ourselves a lot of fun lately! This last weekend we went all over Portland looking for a dresser for Evy's little room, with no luck. We won't give up though! We saw a couple things we really like, so that's a start. We also found some cute fabric for a crib skirt and maybe a couple pillows, so we'll go back in few weeks with a pattern so we know how much to get. When I say "we", I really mean "I", because I don't think Ben really loved the fabric store. That's kind of a girl thing :-)

My cute husband treated me like a million bucks this weekend. I ended up being really sick on Sunday, so I got a sweet surprise...breakfast in bed! ♥ I forgot to take a picture because I was so hungry, but I will say he even put a little flower on my tray! Then he touched up the paint in the baby room, and even vacuumed it and totally cleaned it out.
See, cute guy.

We made our way out to Ikea since we were disappointed by not finding anything on Saturday, so we bought Evy's crib! Look at this handy man.

Ta Da!!! Our little blueberry will sleep in here. I can't believe it.

There is no purpose of this picture. I just think its funny.

We have been trying to find fun things to do to get out of the house without spending a ton of money or going out to eat, since we're trying to save as much as we can. One of the things we have found that is so fun is going to Borders, grabbing stacks of books and magazines, and reading while sipping on something yummy. My sipping is usually a little yummier than his (this is obviously mine). Look closely and you'll see he is reading some crazy books about stocks and mutual funds, and I am reading a pregnancy book, Making Magazine, and Whole Living.

Another fun thing...taco night. Always a favorite. Just look how happy it makes this guy...

The spread.
We usually don't go with crunchy, but we loved it this time. Pretty classic. Adding a little bit of super food to beans, plain Greek yogurt, and of course avocado.

muy bueno.
Enjoy Evy girl!

Being married is the best. I can honestly say I have so much fun with Ben, I would rather be with him than anyone else in the world!


  1. Gah you guys are so cute! Isn't it so exciting getting the crib set up?! What kind of dresser are you looking for? I can keep my eye out on craigslist for you! And umm those tacos look delish!
    PS: I love going to the bookstore and reading magazines there. I always feel like I'm cheating since I'm reading without buying! :)

  2. When I lived in Clackamas I read entire books sitting in Barnes & Noble. Cute blog! I love the name you have picked out for your little girl :)

  3. I love you two!!! Danita said they were going over to see the amazing!!!! Baby Evelyn is already so blessed (and you two are super awesome as well)...

  4. sounds like you guys had a lovely weekend :). glad you're finding fun/cheap things to do. always a challenge, but fun to do!


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