Monday, May 9, 2011

37 Weeks

Update- Week 37:

Well friends, I am headed into week 37 of being pregnant, which means I'm full term! This little peanut could be here any day :-) This morning at our appointment we got a little surprise when our doctor wheeled in the ultrasound machine to take a look at Evelyn. We haven't seen her since week 20 when we found out she was a "she". We could barely see her because her head was SO low! This is a good sign, and our doctor said she is looking down and turned sideways. I'm not gonna lie, I wish I knew what she was pointing at when she was showing us her limbs and whatnot, but I had to pull a Rachel from friends and pretend I knew what she was talking about (raise your hand if you know the reference I'm talking about). Confession! :-) I am feeling pretty good except for being really really tired a lot of the time and having very sore feet! I also have heartburn like no other! I will be glad for that to go away!

This last weekend we went to Ikea and got a chair and some shelves and organized everything in her room, so its all ready other than some artwork still missing on the walls! My tasks for the week include:

♥ Target for batteries, sugar free candies, baby monitor, etc.

♥ pack our hospital bag

♥ fold some laundry

♥ clean the bathroom

♥ empty the camera and video camera and load it with fresh batteries

♥ take lots of naps

♥ oh, and did I mention NOT going to work, since Friday was my last day :-)

I'm so excited to meet my girl! Seeing her this morning on the ultrasound put me in the best mood. Now I'm off to take a little nap with my puppy!

And just for fun, here's a picture of her room...

not the best picture, I took it on my phone.

Have a happy Monday!


  1. so fun!!! post more pics of her room this week? so exciting!!!!

  2. Your auntie can't wait to meet you Evy!!!

  3. Aw, congrats! And I know exactly which episode that is :) "Ross, I lost it again!"

  4. *raises hand!* Whenever my friends show me their ultrasound picture I always have to pretend I see what they point out.

    The nursery looks great! I love how you decorated.


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