Friday, May 13, 2011

my baby is naked

Its almost the end of my first week home from work waiting for baby. I have been very productive, but haven't rested very much. I can't seem to relax as much as I'm trying. I want her to be here so bad, I have a hard time waiting! I know she'll come in her own time though. In the meantime, I have been writing thank-you notes, running errands, doing projects, cleaning, doing laundry, having visitors, organizing, and forgetting to take breaks to sit down even though my feet feel like they have daggers in them. Seriously, so much aching of the feet.

Anyway, I have no choice but to wait on my little one to arrive, and while I am waiting I have been dreaming of seeing her in all her sweet little outfits. Right now, shes naked. That's a cute thought. She has been naked her whole life, and she will not even know what is going on when I put clothes on her. I bet babies think that it is uncomfortable to be in clothes after being naked in a warm bath for nine months. I know I would! Here are some of my favorite things (mostly dresses, which I know is unrealistic) I am looking forward to putting the little kumquat in. I can't show you my favorite little newborn outfit yet because I'm taking her home from the hospital in it and it can't be revealed to the world. It just can't. Its my rule.

This came as a set from the Carter's outlet, so summery.

The pants have THE tiniest ankles ever.

This used to belong to Allison, my sister-in-law-even-though-i-hate-that-term, when she was a baby (25 years ago). Given to me from our cousin, given to her by Ben's mama when she had her first little girl.

Again, used to be Allison's.

Again. And this one has ruffled panties to match.

I used to call them "Sunday panties" when I was little.

This is my favorite. From The Children's Place. (on sale, $4).

Again with the matching panties.

From Ben's mom, I think from Target.

I don't know if I'll be able to put her in all of her clothes. I might have to change her outfit 9 times a day to get them all on her before she outgrows them. What a sad thought! I don't want to think about her growing yet, just getting here!


  1. I love your writing and I am so excited for Evelyn to be here! Good news on the outfits: I was just with one of my best girlfriends who had a baby girl and she literally changed her 5-6 times/day because she had to-apparently babies are messy :)

  2. ahhh so much cuteness...I think your fave is my fave too! Little Evy is going to be the cutest!


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