Thursday, August 26, 2010

15 things i

about my dog

(because I'm mad at him for waking me up 4 times last night with his giant 60lb body sprawling all over the bed and kicking me in the face and barking at shadows and scaring the crap out of me at 4 AM).

1. the way the top of his head smells (it still smells like puppy)

2. he barks at strangers walking by, which used to annoy me, but now it makes me feel safe :-)

3. he is the cuddliest dog in the world.

4. he growls like he's so tough but his tail is wagging out of control

5. he can chase a bird all the way around the lake without getting tired

6. he eats his own poop. (ok i actually hate that)

7. he is always excited to see me

8. he loves to play in the baby pool

9. he's a champion hunter (in his own head)

10. he gives kids kisses but never bites them

11. he knows the best tricks

12. his little head tilts when he hears the words "bone, walk, run, park, camp, birdie, peanut butter, daddy, ride, and play."

13. he is friends with everyone, even shy, grumpy old dogs

14. he knows when i'm sad

15. he's not afraid of anything {except balloons}

There, I love him more now. Works everytime.

♥ ♥ ♥

1 comment:

  1. marley knows when i'm sad too and it always makes me happier b/c she'll come lay her head in my lap. dog's are so sweet! ....even when they wake you up in the middle of the night with their kicking and barking...or in marley's case with the smell of their stinky poo accident on my electric blanket. not cool. but i still love her :).


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