Friday, August 20, 2010

Things To Look At

Well, I am aware that I have been m.i.a. in the blogging world lately. Sorry 'bout that folks. Sometimes I get so busy in real life that by the time i sit down to blog, all my thoughts have left me, and i don't really know what to talk about anymore. You know what i mean? Anyone? (you're lying if you say no)

Anyway, it seems like I always get on here on Friday and do fill in the blanks with Lauren, but today its all about TV, and really, I wouldn't have much to say...since i basically hate TV and think its a big giant waste of time and most of it makes me sad for our world. Call me out of touch. R.I.P. Lost. :-( So, since its Friday, and I won't be filling in blanks, I will just leave you with some lovely things I enjoyed seeing in Blogland throughout the week.

Becca's sweet family shoot at life at 1521

a DIY s'mores bar at Dandelion and Grey

A french country wedding at Design*Sponge
creating my own version of these
its friday, ok? I'm allowed to be a little off my rocker.

I hope my weekend is as yummy on my eyes and my tummy as the week has been. Seriously, you need to make those burgers. So good. I didn't use the pepper relish, i just roasted some peppers and slapped them on there. easier. thats what I'm all about.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. i don't watch TV either. i used to, i'm not sure what happened! But that's also why i'm not doing fill in the blanks today. Cute pics!

  2. Thanks for sharing our pictures...I love that smore's bar idea and those turkey burgers look soo good!

  3. YUM! that burger looks incredible! and i'm off to go look at becca's pretty pictures.

    oh...and sorry about the lame fill in the blanks. i'm a total TV lover...even though it really is a waste of time. i blame my husband. i never watched TV before we got married :(.

    hope you and ben have a fun weekend!

  4. oh wonderful! i checked them all out, great shares! i love seeing new things out there in the blog world!


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