Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cowgirls and boys

Its already Wednesday!!!! That is an amazing fact that I just had to share, and also the fact that I have not posted anything since last Friday. woops. Well, Friday night for TJ's Birthday we had ourselves a gigantic homemade southern dinner of the following:
fried chicken.
mashed potatoes.
corn bread.
baked beans.
sweet tea.
Then I got to go pick Ben up from the airport after his week-long trip to AZ for work. I missed him!!! I had such a full tummy when I went to pick him up I thought I might fall asleep on the way to the airport...I even made him drive home. :-) (for safety, of course).
Saturday we headed to the beach for some AMAZING weather which we were not experiencing at home. There was not a cloud in the sky and we caught the most amazing sunset after some pizza and arcade games...yes we are awesome, and ten-year-olds. (i have no pictures because i was having too much fun to take any. sorry. use your imagination, kids.
Sunday, for the 4th we put on our boots and bandannas and went to the St Paul Rodeo! I have been to some Rodeos before, but boy did we stick out like a sore thumb at this one! HA! I was informed multiple times my "boots were outside my jeans", and that I "can't ride a horse with my boots like that", and that my "boots have silver trim on them".
Thank you.


hipster rodeo?

"please do not take photos with our hats"

(the iPhone takes way better pictures, huh?)

We caught the fireworks from the parking lot right over this HUGE wheat field...we were so close I thought debris would fall on my head.
Oh, and I ate a corn dog, which was the highlight of my night obviously.
Looking forward to a HOT rest of the week and a beautiful weekend!
Have a fantastical Wednesday.

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  1. yum!

    corndogs are one of my loves in life...after donuts of course. i usually only eat them once a year at the clackamas county fair...but i didn't go last year, so i'm totally overdue.

    glad you had fun at the rodeo...and i totally love the hipster rodeo photo.


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