Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Great Outdoors

25 things I .

{about camping}

1. swimsuits instead of underwear

2. lakes

3. paddle boats

4. dirty feet for days

5. campfire smell

6. sunscreen

7. french press

8. spaghetti on a paper plate

9. peeing in the woods

10. hiking

11. being in nature for three days straight

12. peanuts

13. licorice

14, judging the time of day by the sun in the sky

15. no cell service

16. no facebook

17. cereal all day long

18. justifying Shasta grape soda

19. pretending like lake water makes you clean

20. waking up with the sun

21. NAPS

22. watching Ben fish

23. being kinda scared of animal noises at night

24. new tunes for the trip there

25. s'mores with Reese's

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Going camping this weekend at 3 creeks lake with some friends. So excited for a much-needed break from the world!

Do you camp? How do you camp: roughin' it or fancy pants camping?


  1. We're somewhere in between with our camping. We don't do peeing in the woods camping and we don't stay in rv's so I giesswe're a happy medium :).

    I love this list and I'm all about the licorice and swimsuits as underwear :). Hope you guys have a blast!

  2. I'm pretty sure the Marvins eat cereal all day long anyways...perfect! I'm so jealous of your guys. Have you ever been to It just has a bunch of helpful lists but there is a camping one that I have bookmarked for our trip in Sept...make sure you didn't forget anything!

  3. Great blog!

    I haven't been camping in ages! This makes me want to pack up our gear and go!

  4. Oh my, I haven't been camping in ages! Now I want to go :) You know, I think the only time I drink Shasta grape soda is while camping!

  5. What a fun list! This list is definitely tempting! LOVE IT!!!

  6. i love all these things! which might maybe mean i should go camping. i have never truly camped... but then again animal noises and nature and swimsuits and cereal are kind of a daily experience in my life! so maybe i'm halfway there?

  7. This list definitely sums style of camping. We've camped with and without the car. I've camped in the Smoky Mountains, The Brazilian Amazon and The Hudson Valley. I have a camping trip planned (in the Hudson) for this fall. I also hope to make it Shenandoah. I'll try to think of what I like about camping. I'm new to your blog. Great Read.


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