Tuesday, July 13, 2010

time for a break.

My life is going a bagillion-mazillion mph.
Here's what my schedule this week looks like:

Tuesday: work, softball game, fold laundry, make dinner, bed.
Wednesday: work, run home and stuff something in my stomach, house church til 10

Thursday: work, book study, grocery store, pick up Tangle's flea medicine, make dinner, gym, budget

Friday: work, gym, dinner with friends

Saturday: RUN, clean my house, take pictures of Becca and her cute family, pick up Ben.

I notice a lot of work...and absolutely no "nothing" time.
Ben and I have really been working on slowing things down a little bit, but I think we have come to this consensus:

Life is busy.
relationships take effort and time.
Time for yourself doesn't fall in your lap.
you have to choose to relax, it doesn't just happen.

We have decided to choose the relationships that are the most important and valuable to us and pour into them. And make time to do what is important to us. So, we have started to make a plan for EXTRA saving (aside from our regular savings, thank you Dave Ramsey) for things we want to do.

First on the list:

We don't have a camera, our last three have all pooped out on us, so the next one we get will be a fancy one (i don't know anything about cameras, i don't even know what that picture is..but it looks neat and impressive!).

second on the list:



maybe somewhere like this:

with a little of this:

or maybe this:

and this:

or, perhaps this:

we'll just have to see what we're in the mood for! :-)

What are you planning for?


  1. yay for saving up for the things that are truly important to you :). i think craig and i need to make a list like this to have some saving goals.... currently we just save for the sake of saving, and that's no fun. it's much better to save for something fun :). thanks for the idea!

  2. oh my goodness! we are at the exact same place in life! one thing after another! its like as soon as you think thing are going to slow down, it starts to speed up again! we are going to cancun in august so that is what is keeping us sane right now!

  3. Those are two things you definitely won't regret! Hooray for Saturday...we can totally fit some relaxing "us" time into our afternoon. Maybe some frozen yogurt will be involved :)


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