Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birfday Teedles!

Happy birthday to my bro today...

Trenton Joseph (TJ) Newell.

He's 20 and he did it!

TJ is not only a strapping young man of God, he is also a leather-working extraordinaire! He and his pal Ian have started making homemade leather pieces and have created quite the little business for themselves.


the family
eight quarter pouch
the smallet
card pouch with red safety belt

He made me the ladies envelope wallet for my birthday back in May and I love it! I get tons of comments on it. Its all hand sewn, burned, and stamped.

Check out their creations, become a follower of their blog HERE, and pick one up for yourself. All one of a kind and totally original.

Maybe I'll host a little giveaway too? what do ya say? hey hey hey?

k, that's all. Happy Birthday TJ,

I Love You,

ya old fart!


  1. Cool Leather!! Must check out their site! No fill in the blank Friday? : )

  2. such great leather pieces! thanks for sharing this amanda!

  3. Wow what a sister-in-law! Thank you for the encouragement and support! Just for the record, I can't wait to play tennis in the shirt you and Ben bought me, its incredibly athletic and the movability is impeccable! Youre awesome.

    PS- we need to set up a time to make the deck table


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