Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Since I am pretty green to the blogging world, I have been noticing things that I really enjoy in the blogs I have been following, and one of my favorite things is the recurring posts like "my favorite thing about today" from The Little Things We Do. (sorry Lauren, my hyper linker thingy is not working for some reason.) Anyway, I love being able to check in and know I'm going to see something I recognize. I thought I would give it a try! Let me know what ya think?


1).I have a really hard time justifying shaving my legs regularly during the winter.

2).I am wearing two different socks, and that is not unusual to me.

3). I am allergic to gluten, but I eat at least one bite of wheat every single day because i think its worth it.

4). I never have and never will have a closet where I can find both shoes I am looking for without digging.
5).I have ten pairs of these Nike shorts which I am obsessed with in different colors. I put them on and they magically make me feel athletic. But the truth is that nine times out of ten I don't actually do anything athletic in them. Wearing Nike shorts makes me feel just as good or better than actually working out sometimes.

6).Number 6 is a two-parter. Part 1: When I was little, my nickname was "Demanda". Kinda cute and funny then maybe. Part 2: I am now 22 years old, married, have a full time job, a dog, a house, and a fully adult life...and I still often times spew out "Demanda"-like attitudes. I do not like this. Is fact, this is a quality that I can't stand in other people because it is so un-Christlike. The sad thing is that so often I overlook the fact that I exhibit these bratty, selfish, demanding sassy remarks to the people I love. This is something I am trying to change about myself. Sure everybody has their moments of princessiness...but I don't think thats an excuse. Its not so cute to act like a princess when you're an adult, in my opinion. I won't say I have a wealth of life experience, and I am still learning who I want to be in this life, but I DO know what I DON'T want to be...and its Demanda. I need grace every day, big time! :-)

Ouch...actually that felt good!

ps..do not use my nickname when referring to me, i won't think its funny :-)


  1. excited for these ongoing "confessions" posts. good idea! and...if i was allergic to gluten i'd still eat it anyway. i love me some carby gluten-ness.

    p.s. glad you enjoyed your silly little award :).

  2. I found your blog through Lauren's. Cute blog! I love the idea of a 'confessions' post!

  3. i LOVE the idea of confession posts! must do one myself!

    cute little blog, girl!


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