Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time...

Back To Reality

Hope everyone had the best and happiest Christmas. Sadness is setting in while Im back at work this morning, so I needed to indulge in some memories from the Christmas weekend. Sharing some of my favorite things about my favorite day of the year, hopefully it cheers everyone up who has to go back to reality today!

*Tangle's first stocking*

*morning walk*

*buying baby shoes*

*Christmas Morning Coffee
in my new pretty cup
from Ben (good job,right?)*

*a homemade clock for
our stylish brother*

*crafty gift wrap*

*dad's scary dress-up act*
(cousin Eddie)

*so cute...
homemade jewelry display
from Laura*

*perfect gift from hubby*

I feel better already!
I'm still kinda sad.
Maybe I should eat a Christmas Cookie?
Merry Monday after Christmas!!


  1. I'm so sad Christmas is over : ( Thankfully I am currently unemployed, so I don't have to go back to work... ever.

    Anywho, THAT CLOCK IS AMAZING!!!!!

  2. wow, our father is a gross, gross man.

  3. Hi dress twin.

    Going back to work was definitely a bummer but it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I thought I'd make this comment in list format because I have many things to say, so.....,


    *tangle's excited pose while waiting for his stocking.
    *the cute cup and hunter boots your hubby got you. I want a red or black pair SO badly. Craig thinks they're too expensive for rain boots but I say they're an investment since it rains so much here and I wear my much less cute rainboots all the time.
    *your crafty wrapping. Love it.
    *your diy clock. So cool. We made one for craigs dad out of an old Mercedes hubcaps.

    Glad you had a good Christmas and I hope seeing all your fun pictures gave you a good pick me up. Hope the rest of your Monday is lovely!

  4. it is good to have happy memories, even the kind of scary, happy ones (your daddy is sooo funny!) good job with the diy stuff and very cute cup!(good job Ben) hope you got to hold your new niece lots and just think how really fun next year will be with her. love you cutie

  5. Hunter boots?! How wonderful! The homemade gifts are great, too!


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