Monday, December 21, 2009

People Worth Noting

I am starting a new weekly post dedicated to people in my life that I think are truly remarkable. Sometimes I forget to tell the people who mean the most to me and who have impacted my life how much i love them! And i forget to THANK them. This post is to recognize people that inspire me and who have helped make me who I am in one way or another.

To start things off, I think its only fitting to showcase my bestest best friend:

Meet Annalore.

I met Anna in between my freshman and sophomore year of college at Oregon State. At first we did not like each other because we liked the same boy :-) (very girly of us huh?) We pretty soon found out that we actually DID like each other way more than this boy, and then we un-liked the boy together. We became the best of friends in no time. From then on, we were Siamese twins, went everywhere together and did everything together. We had big dreams of moving to the beach and being bums together forever.

Sounds like a normal friend story right? The thing is, she was way more than a fun friend to me..she came into my life right when I needed someone to walk with me. I was lonely and hurt and struggling to walk with Jesus. I felt like I didn't have anyone who was in the same spot as me. I remember one night when I was living at a summer house full of girls I didnt fit in with, we were having our church's college group at the house and I decided to sit in the back where nobody could see me. I remember feeling so alone and sad (depressing sounding, i know) and needing someone to reach out to me because I was scared to reach out to anyone...and there she was! We walked through life together..and fell down a lot together, and got in a little trouble together. She was my angel right when I needed one. You know those people that God sends into your life to show you the love of Jesus when you are having trouble understanding it? That was her! She will be my best friend forever simply because of the huge impact she had on me during a time when I really really needed a best friend.

I love Anna because:

*she is THE most beautiful lady ever, inside and out

*she is full of class

*she has a gimungus heart for people who need help

*she makes me pee my pants laughing

*she corrupted me in a very funny way, and if you don't know what I am talking about, I will probably never tell you

*she keeps my secrets

*she forgives me when im a brat

*she tells the brutal truth

*she is wise

*she gave me her anthropologie discount even though i never used it before she quit :-( its the thought that counts

*she shared her closet with me

*she eats dessert with me whenever I need it (Ben only likes fruit for dessert...weirdo)

*she was a remarkable maid of honor

*she is super smart

*she is always the same no matter how long its been since we have seen each other, we can always pick up where we left know those kinds of friends? They are the best.

*she is my bestest friend and she always will be!

I love you Anna! You are remarkable.


  1. sounds like you've got yourself a pretty great bestie. it's always nice having a friend you can count on to be there by your side during the tough times. isn't God so good to provide us with exactly the right people that we need at exactly the right time? he's pretty great like that.

  2. Man! I wish there were more friends like that around! She sound like an amazing person!! You're so lucky to have a friend like that and she's lucky to have a friend like you!! Cheers to beautiful lifelasting friendships!!


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