Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Didomi Project

Didomi: give
John 3:16

I have an amazing husband. He has the biggest heart in the world and that is the first reason I fell in love with him. He is more like Jesus than anyone I know. He is full of compassion, passionate about almost everything, loves everyone, has more patience than i know what to do with, has the gift of encouragement, a shepherds heart, and is really just the best person I know, but would argue with me on that until he is blue in the face.

Ben and I have always had a heart for the widow and the orphan, and our first adventure together was going on a trip to India with our church. He was on staff at the church as the missions pastor at the time, so he was our fearless team leader. We kinda fell in love here (even though I already knew well before this that I would be lucky to be with him forever). If anyone has ever been on any kind of trip like that, you know that two weeks with a person in a third world country is good for about a year's worth of relationship building in a normal day to day life. Anyway, it was on this first trip together that i really got to see just how much love Ben has for God's broken people.

A few months ago he started talking to me about his desire to do more for the kingdom of God in other countries, and giving people a way to give and be connected with ministries around the world that do not have the resources or the voice to receive any sort of help and support. He has created a blog about a friend of ours named Stanley in Kitwe, Zambia. You can read his whole story here, but to make a long story short, Stanley used to have tuberculosis and was not supposed to live. God healed him completely, and he has devoted his life to helping those who are diagnosed with AIDS and TB in Zambia who cannot afford food, shelter, and the medication to make them well enough to live their life. He has given up his whole life to make this happen, and he currently has ONE supporter. His needs are small compared to what you might think, about $300 a month to run his whole ministry. Since its Christmas and a lot of people are looking for a way to give, I thought I would share Stanley's story and the beginning of this ministry that Ben is setting up for him, and other people around the world with grass roots ministry ideas who need support from people like us.

For more information on projects like Stanley's and others, check out The Didomi Project

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