Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Braindeadness...

It is Friday and I have no had a weekend since Thanksgiving...and at my job, its needless to say that I am a tiny bit braindead by now. I am having the hardest time concentrating today, and I feel like my head is going to float away. Not to mention that with the cold residents are CRANKY to say the least. How 'bout try being nice for crying out loud! For some reason people seem to think that the fact that UPS told them they delivered their package when they in fact did not is my personal fault, and i have ruined their holiday season. Its great. The best one is people being angry with me for making them pay their rent. I'm such a jerk, huh?

Since my head is in the coulds today and every person I talk to is STOMPING on my nerves...I have found some lovely things to make me smile. :-) (not that i REALLY have anything to complain about, Im so blessed, but still..sometimes I need to look at something pretty).

Have any pretty things to share?


  1. I love looking at pretty things too. Anything with a repetitive texture, like glitter, or textured walls, or a pillow, anything that you can just get lost in!

  2. i left you a silly little made-up award on my blog. check it out. maybe now people will be able to find you in the blog-o-sphere :).


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