Thursday, December 17, 2009


To Do: get an office.

Our house has a second bedroom which currently holds a crappy old desk from when i was little holding nothing at all (on which one of the drawer faces is actually glued on from when it fell off once), a filing box sitting on the floor, a funky futon that holds unfolded laundry and never gets sat upon, Tangle's crate, and thats about it! In the room though are too small closets with bi-fold doors. One of them holds Ben's clothes and the other one we are wanting to turn into an office space. I have always wanted to have a desk in a closet, and now we have a an extra that is our next project. I have been gathering inspiration on ones that I like. Ben wants to make sure its "manly"...I think he means he wants it dark and studyish and rugged. Thats fair. I can go with that. Here are some things I have found that I like..let me know if you have seen anything amazing. Its our Christmas beak project..even though it will probably be ongoing for a little while if we're realistic. I'll post progress as we get started! But for now here is some inspiration...

Some of these are not in closets, but I love them just the same


Seen any good ones lately?


  1. so many good ideas. our spare room has a bunch of random stuff in it. i figure we'll just eventually have babies and then the room will finally have a purpose :).

    i'll be on the prowl for some good ideas...i like what you've found so far though!

  2. I love all of your ideas...especially the 1st one!

  3. oh my gosh! this is the most brilliant idea i have ever seen! why is this the first time i have heard of a closet office?? my favorite is the yellow one and the last one.


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