Thursday, December 3, 2009

my next project

I have WAY to much jewelry which needs to first be sorted through and purged...but at the same time, I need a more lovely way to store everything in one place other than draped over my bed posts, mirrors, door handles, cups, bedside tables, drawers, or any other place that happens to be next to me when i want to take it off (I'm kind of a free spirit when it comes to keeping things in "their place"). This is lovely and I think i will try it. I might need a few of them.




  1. So fun! I made one with lace and old picture frames and you can hang your earrings through the holes in the lace.

  2. i know! so cute! i saw it on your blog. I have also seen it done with a screen inside instead of peg board or cork.

  3. p.s. you're my only blog friend. thanks. <3

  4. that's ok. you'll have more soon. you're like a well-kept secret.

    p.s. i busted out my christmas ornaments, and i hope you don't mind, but i copied your clothespins in a mason jar idea. i have a million mason jars left over from our wedding so i like to fill them with random things in my decor, but was a little stumped this time. i thought your idea was super cute!

  5. of course not! I got those for our wedding too and I have had them displayed somehow ever since. I made our tree topper star out of them too and tied them together with fluffy red yarn. I forgot to take a pitcure of it though!


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