Thursday, February 18, 2010

disorganization overload=failed attempts at blogging

Brace yourselves children...

Ok, so I'm aware that I have only posted twice in the last 7 days. I feel overwhelmed. Not with blogging...with the immensity of junk overtaking my house. And by junk i mean me not cleaning up after myself due to lack of time, as a result of lack of ability to say no (to good things and good people), because of desire to please people...caused by not enough desire for things that really matter...resulting in bratty sass-mouth to people i love.


see what i mean? yeesh. At work i'm super organized and on top of my "to do" list...but at home its kinda getting out of hand.

*side note...this happens to me sometimes. It always has. I forget to worry about things like doing laundry, picking up my clothes from the floor, vacuuming the living room, taking out the empty boxes from moving...six months ago..things like that. But then all at once, about every couple months, i start to get insane about the things that i forgot to worry about earlier...and then I have to take a whole day off, wake up early, do a mad 12 hour sweep of the whole mess, forget to eat all day long and want to pass out and get a pedicure at the end of it all.

With all that said...this is my notice of a blog-break until my chores are done. That's right...I just grounded myself. I know all 5 of my readers will be wildly disappointed. :-)

I don't mean to be a downer...just a little glimpse into my momentary lack of grace as a professional juggler of tasks.


This girl promises to have a better attitude the next time you hear from her...and also to not talk in third person anymore


  1. ummmm....i think you just wrote about me. i'm grounding myself from blogging on saturday in hopes that i'll get finished wish all my chores too. i have a gigantor pile of clothes in my closet right now that need washing. 6 weeks w/o doing laundry = a gross mess. ugh!

    i think you and i are pretty similar in a lot of ways.

    good luck getting stuff done!

    oh......and p.s.

    i want that "freak out and throw stuff" print. bad. i would hang it in my garage above the washing machines....cause that's how laundry makes me feel :).

  2. This is too funny because on wednesday my husband asked me if he could 'help me clean' our condo because it was getting that bad! lol So that is what we did all of last night! Washed bedding & clothes, dusted, vacuumed, picked up, scrubbed floors, changed vent filters, cleaned out & reorganized. It felt soo good! Best of luck! :)

  3. Awh, good luck with cleaning. I did a huge load of laundry last night, and threw in all of my scrubs and work things that I wanted to wear today to work & the dryer decided to hate me, and didn't dry half of the load, and the rest was still really damp. So today I am wearing my least favorite outfit. :] And if I had been organized it would have all been done. :] Before midnight last night, hehe. :]

  4. Yeah, me too. I have a recent post from earlier this week called FRUSTRATION about the same thing. I am neat & organized at work also, but home is a mess! My hubby - much as i love him - is a huge part of it. He is a packrat & i want to get rid of things we don't need. our place is too small for junk. He cleaned his mess out of our living area yesterday & then i noticed a lot of it is mine, too. Saturday i will be on a cleaning frenzy!

  5. Haha, your funny. that sounds excactly like me....Good for you and good luck!

  6. Yes. A clean house is more important then blogging! Love you! See you tomorrow night.

  7. Ok so this is to weird, I came to your site from and your first post is exactly how I am feeling right now. Although the mess is not just mine I feel completely overwhelmed and not to sure where to start.
    I hope you take one thing at a time and in no time it will be sparkling and you will feel light and inspired.

    Thanks for your great post. Now off to tackle the rest of the dishes.


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