Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Things I Love Around My Home

Haven't done this one in a little while. From Kassi at Bacwoods Fern.
Two things I am tickled by(aka love)today.

1 ♥ this little set of curtains i picked up at one of my favorite shops on Fremont called Vestiges Storefront. It used to be this big 'ol two story place with the greatest prices, and the last time my mom and I went, they were downsizing and clearing out the whole upstairs. Very sad, but very lucky for me I scored these guys for I think 8 bucks. They are perfect in our kitchen and they remind me of my Nanny Marshall.

2 ♥ My yellow chair. We got it in great condition at a place off Sandy in the Hollywood District called Hollywood Reruns. It was a steal, and no spots, stratched, or strange odors. Now it has kind of become Tangle's perch, but I still get a little territorial about it. We've sort of wrapped our living room decor around its sunny yellow color. I heart it dearly against the gray walls.

There you have it. two things I love today, among many others. If you want, share your own two things and don't forget to link up.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. cute curtains!
    and great chair! i love yellow so...

    thanks for playing along this week!

  2. love the curtains! great find with that chair!

  3. We still need to have a play date soon. I wanna see your new place!

  4. A girl after my own heart! Love both items immensely!


  5. that chair is lovely. i'm kind of obsessed with yellow...especially when it's paired with grey. *sigh*. your little red curtains are adorable too.

  6. Great curtains! What a steal! I need to find more stuff like that:)


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