Friday, February 26, 2010

Fill In the Blank Friday...with the Funk

there are blanks to be filled!


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Well friends, its friday, but that's not as exciting to me as it normally would be since I have been at home in bed for the last three days. Seems i have somethin' funky goin' on in my throat. And since i loathe the doctors office, i am just now realizing that i need to go in before the tiny white bumps in the back of my throat swell up so that i can't breathe and i will never be able to blog again because i will be dead. (drama).

Its not even that bad. I'm just teasing. But really, I hate going to the doctor for such things, because 9 times out of 10 its "just a virus"...and they tell you to come back in a week if its not better, which it always is..and you just wasted your money for someone to stick a stick on your tongue when your mom could have told you the same thing. Ya know? God bless doctors...i just neglect going too often. In fact, I have not had a regular doctor, aside from my one "lady doctor" visit before getting married, in about 4 years. sheeesh.

Anyway, that is just to update you on my absence from blogland...i have also been absent from work, gym, cooking, and doing anything productive except popsicle eating. But its Friday morning, and therefore I shall fill the blank with my lovely friend Lauren. Who i hope to still be able to make my coffee date with in the morning..that is if i don't have strep throat (and collect my sweet giveaway winnings as a bonus ♥)

Here we go, fillin it in...

1. When I'm nervous I talk really really fast and loud and frantically play with whatever is in my hand, which usually means intense pen-clicking.

2. My favorite item in my closet is my lovely new black and gray polka-dot romper from target. I'm still deciding if i have the right body type for it..but its so cute i don't know how i can NOT sport it as soon as the sun comes out.

3. Going in my room, closing the door, being by myself, sitting on my bed cross-legged with a cup of coffee and a lamp on, reading my bible or listening to music is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

4. My favorite childhood memory is going on summer trips to Tennessee to visit my relatives and staying at my Nanny Marshal's house and drinking sweet tea and sitting on her lap.

5. Something you may not know about me is when i was little I would not eat anything red or anything green. I hated almost every food that was not a meat or a starch. I made my mom give my spaghetti with butter and rice with butter and sugar. Oh, and i hated breakfast. Now i want to eat everything in sight. Besides onions, olives, and bratwurst, that's disgusting.

6. A true friend will be your friend for the rest of your life. Even when your lives change, you friendship will change right along with it. You can be attached at the hip on day and not see eachother for the next year, and pick up right where you left off. A true friend is not mad about the way life changes your relationships, but is happy to see where life is taking you next. I heart my bff. Oh, and its also important to share clothes. that's essential friend material.

7. Something I hope people think of when they think of me is joy. I hope people look at my life and see joy in any circumstance and wonder where it comes from...and ask me!

So since I copied and pasted Lauren's questions, i can't figure out how to get it un-underlined...and I'm too tired to try and figure it out. So underlined it will be for the rest of the post...which is almost over. Now off to nurse my throat!

If you do your own Fill In The Blank, don't forget to link it HERE so we can see your answers!

Happy Weekend Y'all!


  1. girl i am all about the romper! rock it....

  2. your filled in breaks have been my favorite so far.

    and do you wanna know something funny?

    that romper is the exact same one i bought a few weeks ago and blogged about! ha! we can be twinsies. i was actually thinking about wearing it tomorrow for our coffee date (with leggings and boots of course!), but maybe that one's not so much happening. i could text you in the morning to let you know how i'm feeling. it might just be something i ate....and i haven't puked again since early this morning, so if that's the case, we could still meet, since i'm pretty sure food poisoning isn't contagious :)...if you want that is...and if you don't have strep...i know that is going around too. hope you don't have it!

    ok...that's it. hope you have a good friday friend, and i hope you get that donut!

  3. I just found your blog via Lauren and loooove it!! xoxo


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