Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reasons I love my life #3...


Mostly last weekend, not just because it was Valentine's Day, but because it was spent in the most amazing way. I'll get into the recap in a minute.

When Ben and I first met, we never had normal schedules. He worked on the weekends and I was living in a different city, so we spent time together whenever we could fit it in. In January, when I started my most recent job, is the first time since we met that we have been able to take weekends off together. REAL weekends. Man, its been a long time coming. We are kinda going crazy with the possibilities of all the things we can do on the weekends, simply because we can! Its such an important time to have when you're newly-weds and before you have kids. Its something to look forward to and work towards all week. We feel like we're dating again. I sound old, don't i?


So this last weekend was incredible. Our dear friends let us stay at their lodge on The Riffle, a famous fly fishing stretch on the Deschutes River. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere...but beautiful. I don't know what I was picturing, but I was pretty blown away when we got there. It was so secluded, and the lodge was amazing...heated floors and all. :-)

the lodge driving in

huge fireplace

the view form the balcony

Old fashioned toilets...
the chain is the flusher. so fun.

beautiful. notice the stuffed cougar.

The weekend was filled with card games, cooking, laying on the couch in sweats, listening to owls, watching bald eagles, napping in the loft, horseshoes, looking at stars, throwing knives at trees (Ben's idea), and lots and lots and lots of time falling in love with the Lord in His creation. MUCH needed time. It felt like a retreat away from the rest of the world.

Three funny highlights of the weekend:

1. Me waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, finishing, and turning the corner out of the bathroom to go back to the bedroom, and there is Ben..with a knife...he thought I was a bad guy...he was ready to pounce. HAHAHA. That is not a joke. He really thought I was a "burglar".

2. Me being SO excited to do tons of crafts and even spending a pretty good amount of money on supplies...packing them up and putting them by the door to pack...getting halfway there and Ben asking me if i remembered to bring them....

...no. no, i did not remember to bring them. I cried a little. seriously. I was pretty disappointed, but turns out I did not miss them one bit. Maybe I forgot them for a reason because someone else wanted my attention. (Jesus)

3. Us getting a little bit stir crazy around 4:00pm on Saturday night, it was raining outside, we had read all the way through our books, played thirty games of "thirteen" in a row (28 of which i killed Ben), and eaten wayyyy too many chips and salsa to be ready for dinner. So we decided to take a little drive...through Madras, the bustling metropolis...and straight on through to Redmond, where we stopped at a Wal-Mart to ask for directions to a movie theater. We pulled up just in time for the 6:30 showing of Valentine's Day at the 4-plex. awesome. ghetto. romantic. stupid movie though. It was still fun..Ben kept turning to me and saying.."we're in Redmond."

And to top off an amazing weekend, I came home to find out I won Lauren's giveaway at The Little Things We Do. I was so happy because i love Lauren and i love the thrifty little find that she was giving away. hooray!

here it is. cute!

So, no crafts to share unfortunately..But i did have an amazing weekend. Now looking forward to picking up my new shelf from Becca this week, and getting started on our office while Ben is gone snow caving this weekend. Manly.

Longest post everrrr. sorry. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Your weekend sounded AMAZING! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. You are so cute! I am a newly-ish wed too (1st anniversary was 11/14) & i LOVE LOVE all the time we have together on weekends, too. We are so happy & in love & i can tell y'all are too by the big smiles in that picture. SO CUTE!

  3. love the riffle. so fun! glad you had a wonderful time! hang out sesh soon k

  4. Echo, we need to go together this summer, but stay in the tents! and learn how to fly fish. :-)

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend! (Minus Ben with knife behind a corner..) Hahahaha! That is seriously SO funny!

    And no, we are not up yet : ( I'm lit going insane living two lives. We took up our first load of stuff on Sunday after church and stayed til Monday.... going up this weekend for the Blazer game on Friday and then coming back on Saturday.... We'll be permanent in two weekends... the 27thish

  6. Yes! We should go and stay in the yurts! I have fly fished there... Jim had his peeps teach me. There is quite an art to it. That would e sooooooo fun to all go together. Let's plan it for sure!!!!

  7. Hey Amanda! I don't know if you remember me from OSU.. I sorta knew you through Jessica Hicks.. anyways I love your blog! What a fun weekend! Gotta love our generous friends in Wilsonville and their beautiful properties:) They're letting me keep my horse on their property right now and it's been such a blessing! Have a great day!

  8. A few things:

    1. I want a loft to nap in.

    2. I love that you guys went knife throwing. Such a boy suggestion but awesome.

    3. That house us amazing.

    4. Glad you won my giveaway and I can't wait to give you your prize!

    Glad you guys had a fun weekend.

  9. Your weekend sounds like it was AMAZING, so much fun. How did you gte to stay at the Lodge? is it something you can just rent? i want it. well i want to rent it...

    P.S. i want to get together, our coffee date/hangout time/or double date is way past due.

  10. what an adorable blog you have here and the picture of you and your honey is lovely!

  11. Sweet I love cabins, me and my husband were thinking of going to ours (well..my parents cabin) for some times away. Except there's only an outhouse! We're newly-weds (except not newelly-weds) too, 7 months :)



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