Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dos (2) things I love Around My Home

Happy Tuesday!

Today is already off to a better start than yesterday for three reasons:

1: I got to sleep in until 6:15 :-)

2: Tonight is the final season premeire of...

dun dun dun...LOST.
any lost fans out there?

3: Today is Tuesday, and that means I get to share

Two Things I Love Around My Home.

Thanks to the lovely Kassi at Bacwoods Fern. Share what things around your home are making you happy today, and link up here!
K, here goes.

The first thing I love today is this spice rack that we registered for when we got married. Its Martha Stewart and I am in love with it. I always loved the spice tins, but this one has the tins with cute little antique looking labels and a sweet little wooden frame. Also it has some spices that wouldn't normally come in a standard set, like ground fennel and tamarind. In all the last places I have lived we have had a kitchen peek-a-boo window where they would sit. Our current place does not, so I was a little sad, but I still have them proudly displayed on the counter where you can even see them from the living room. I looooove.


And secondly, I am loving my (free) dresser. Yes, I said free. I told Kassi I would post about this one, because she got one for her daughter's room that is very similar...also a steal.

see it here. This we got from our church when we first got married. I don't know why they had it or what they were using it for, but they changed their minds and were getting rid of it. So here it sits, in our bedroom, full of love and socks and pajamas. Our bedside tables match it (we also got those for free, by the way). I would include them in the picture but then you would see the 4-5 half full glasses of water that are cluttering my side of the bed. Did I tell you i'm kinda messy sometimes?

Anyhoo, I love this. And if you look closely in the mirror you can see our lampshade from Ikea that we flipped upside down and turned into a pennant lamp. Just a side note.

That is what I love today, along with many other things! Maybe I should do a two things I love around the office post...but that would probably be waaaaay harder. :-) Right?


  1. i love you dresser! (and your spice rack...super cute!) but i definitely love the dresser. ours is tall and skinny and ugly :(. what a deal getting it from church!

    i need to do a two things that i love, but i can't really think of anything today. i guess i'll have to get on that.

    oh...and maybe you should lease the other half of the building and you can run your wedding planning business out of it, and we'll run out making stuff business out of the other side and then we can meet up every afternoon for tea and crumpets! actually...truth be told i've never had a crumpet, so maybe not. tea and donuts? i know we both love a good donut :).

    hope you're having a great day!


  2. the dresser! ha ha. that was originally for the middle school room.
    do you remember when it used to be painted half black half hot pink? (ewe!!) anyways. blaine had the idea of hanging furniture off on the walls all crazy-like (urban outfitters inspired i believe) the dresser was one of the pieces he picked up! what's also funny is we almost took it home to our lake oswego house! (it fit in well with my decor there) but then decided not to! glad i didn't so YOU could enjoy it!!! have you replaced your spices lately??? i think they are only good for a year before they lose their flavor!
    just a friendly reminder! love you!

  3. oh my goodness, echo, no i did not know i was supposed to replace the spices. oops. :-) haha. oh well. I'll get on that eventually. as long as they're not moldy. and thank you for not taking the dresser :-) and no i didnt see it pink and black. gross.

    and lauren: YES, lets do that. (the donut especially)

  4. gorgeous dresser lady : ) glad you're having a better day today.

  5. i looove lost.
    i won't be able to watch it on tv this season...i'll have to wait for the dvd release.
    i'm a liiiittle behind.
    but still excited, nonetheless!

  6. love the dresser - it is like my daughters!
    and i love the spice rack too!

    thanks for playing along!

  7. That is such a cute spice rack! Where did it come from?

  8. I would love to play 2 things I love...but I will have to wait till I have a place to love! Almost in my house and when I am I want you to come and check it out...you know I love your house. and you! Tuesdays are almost always better than Mondays! :D


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