Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dear savvy blog friends,
I need a new header. I want a long one that actually fits up there. Who can help me and my lack of blog knowledge?
Any ideas?
.please help.


  1. what do you want it to look like? i can design one and see if you like it. just let me know what your thinking (and my feelings wont be hurt if you dont like it!) ha ha

  2. Oh man, what a sweet blog you have. I love how I was greeted by my fav Ella!
    Baby stuff is contagious... I have three babies and would have MORE.... but I think hub's and I decided 3 is lovely for us! But way to play with my weak will, I have 8 girlfriends and many more newborn's surrounding me, something in the water I tell ya?! Contagious indeed.


thanks for stoppin' by!

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