Thursday, February 4, 2010

i want to live in never never land

Side note before I begin...

Like my new header!? MY beautiful and creative friend Echo made it for me. What a peach. Thanks Echo!

For some reason lately I have been falling in love with kid stuff. Baby rooms, kids toys, books, artwork. Such things. Maybe its because of my precious little niece who is about to turn 2 months old (tomorrow!)...see, here she is. Avery:

..or maybe I wish I were a kid still so I could experience these lovely things.

.Look how sweet.



Maybe I should just have one soon?

Did I just say that outloud?


  1. ohhhhh boy, I just love this post of yours, precious little baby things make me smile :)

  2. yes you did say it out loud! :) and they are such fun, cute baby things, but the 1st picture is the most cute! 2 Months already!!

  3. U SHOULD have one!!!!! When you and Ben are ready of course!!
    Sweet things my friend. Makes me wanna walk to the sweet toy shop down the
    street and let alomae pick some things out!

  4. Such a cute post! Love your new header!

  5. i go through periods of baby fever. i used to read ohdeedoh a LOT... like an inordinate amount for someone who doesn't have a child, or any friends with children. anyway, i had to cut myself off. for awhile i was on a real baby kick and told craig we should have one, but thank goodness he didn't jump on that bandwagon right away because i ended up realizing i really only wanted to name and dress a baby and decorate a nursery. definitely not good reasons to have a living, breathing child.

    i'm finally to the point where i'm starting to want one for the right reasons...but not 100% there yet...maybe soon :).

    cute stuff you found though. at least you have a little one to shop for... i have no excuse for looking at this stuff!

  6. One word...TANGLE!


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