Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How-To Tuesday

How To:

Tie A Messy Scarf

(one of the million ways)

So, my sister-in-law Allison always tells me that i need to teach a class on tying scarfs. I don't know. But I thought I would share with my friends here how I like to tie a really long scarf in a messy little bundle. I'm sure there is a technical name for this, or maybe a way simpler way to do it. But anyhoo, here it is! my very first tutorial! :-)

Step 1: wrap scarf around your neck once, making one end a little longer than the other.

Step 2: take one corner of long end of scarf and wrap it around, spreading it out as your wrap it around your shoulder...


Step 3: Tuck the end you just wrapped around underneath so it is not laying on top of the loop.

...Now it should look like this...with one end still a little longer than the other. Now your scarf should be wrapped around your neck twice.

Step 4: Now take the longer end, tuck it underneath the lowest loop and back through, poking out just a little bit, so the corners are peeking out from in between the two loops.

Voila! (creepy "a-ok" face optional)

I would love to say that I will do a "How-To" every Tuesday, but I'll have to figure out if i know how to do that many things :-) We'll see if this one catches on first!
Have a splendiferous Tuesday my lovelies.


  1. Love this...and your 'creepy a-ok face' comment. too fun!

  2. i think the a-ok face totally completes the look! thanks for sharing and yes, office/painting/target/anything as soon as i get my butt up there!

  3. awesome! I have an anthro scarf that never gets worn cause I don't like how I had been wearing it...this will work perfectly! You should be a teacher Mrs. Newell :)

  4. dang dude! i may need a hands on tutorial one day, because i'm not so much a visual learner...more a kinesthetic, but i'll give this a whirl. you look cute doing the tutorial regardless of whether or not i'm able to follow the instructions though :).

  5. Yay! Thank your for posting this! I love your tutorials!

  6. Thanks for the tip! love it. i like that last litte move, the tuck of the longer end, just peeking back out. im going to do this next time a wear a scart....and i love wearing scarfs.


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