Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday Favorites

This week has been out to a great start!
Yesterday I was greeted by Lauren's lovely smile at work as she dropped of my giveaway winnings...which I will post all about tomorrow. I love everything she picked out, but it was even better to get to see her after so long and chat for a bit! Thanks Lauren, you're adorable and the sweetest!

Sorry for my lack of posting. I will say I have been a pretty busy gal! But now it's hump day, and after today I am closer to the weekend than I am to Monday that is something to smile about :-).

In hopes of getting through this day quickly with lots of joyfulness, I am posting some of my favorite pictures of my happiest memories from my most joyful day of all...our wedding.

PS...celebrating two years at then end of that went fast! Hope y'all enjoy!

**all photos by Tyler Gould

Well that was fun! I love weddings. What are some of your favorite weddings or wedding ideas? Post a link in the comment section if you want! I'd love to see!

Happy Wednesday lovelies!


  1. your wedding was one of my faves. ....and i never posted about it. i started a post for it, but i guess i got side tracked. ooops. anyway, i'm glad you did so the world can see the cuteness that was your wedding :).

    glad we got to see each other, and i'm so glad you liked your little prize. i LOVED my sunglass holder. i was so excited about it i practically attacked craig with it right in his face when i saw him because i was so excited to show it off :).

    happy hump day friend!

  2. What a special day... we were so honored to have the boys be involved. We miss you both and would love to schedule a dinner or weekend breakfast/lunch date. Call or FB me. :-)


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