Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Declare Today.....

Pet Peeves anyone? In the hopes of not sounding like a Negative Nancy, but in the hope of also finding some common ground and some laughs on things that just BUG people other than myself...I declare today...

*things that bug the poop out of me*
*things that make me so happy i could pee*
(potty talk still makes me laugh, OK?)
k here we go:
Things that Bug the Poop Out of Me:
1: loud chewing. I want to throw up when I hear people
chewing their food. Really any noises that come from the head. Chewing,
sniffing, snorting, hacking, smacking...and the like.
2: being hot while getting ready in the morning. I FREAK
out in the summer when I'm trying to get dressed and my hair is sticking to my
face, or my clothes stick to me when i'm trying to get dressed...kinda like when you
have just put lotion on and you try and put on jeans. i HATE
3: waking up twenty minutes before your alarm is going to
go off and having no choice but to get out of bed because otherwise you will pee
your pants.
4: bending over with your purse on your shoulder and it
flopping down and hitting you in the head and taking all your hair with it. Then
standing up and looking like you just ran a marathon, sweating and panting and
hair all stuck to your lip gloss.
5: getting home from the grocery store and realizing you
forgot to buy the one thing you went to pick up.
6: fake English accents. AAH!
7: going to the bathroom at a restaurant or store, and
washing your hands, leaning up against the counter and having a huge water spot
right on your crotch so it looks like you didn't make it to the potty in
8: people giving you a hard time about not hanging out with
them enough when they never call you or make an effort either...they are just
mad because you don't spend your whole life thinking about them. That bugs
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay i think that's enough for the day. Now on to things that make me smile no matter whats going on.
1: babies laughing and head bobbing.
2: frozen yogurt.
3: talking in funny voices with Ben in the
4: walking into a clean house.
5: being able to find both shoes right when i need
6: getting to the gym at 5:04pm and there actually being a
treadmill open with a little light from heaven shining down on it just for
7: making dinner and hearing Ben audibly applaud it with oooos and aaaws with his mouth
8: A tried puppy dog laying on my lap.
9: kissing my hubby. (aaaaw)
10: hand sanitizer.
11: freshly shaved legs. (once in a blue
12: my hair stylist Bekah's head massages with tea tree oil. instant relaxation.
13: a whole night of fun and mischief with my bestie, Miss Annalore.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
So, i hope you're not depressed from reading about all the things that bug me. Now that i think of it, its probably a little silly to think you want to know all that. But maybe you can relate to either the pet peeves or the happy things?
Have a great Thursday!
One more day and its Friday!


  1. peeve #4 and things that make me smile #3 would be on my lists.

  2. peeves:
    - when the toilet seat cover falls into the toilet before you have a chance to sit down...grr
    -washing peanut butter off of things, then it just sticks to whatever you just washed it off with (sponge, cloth,etc)
    -people starting at the "end" of Costco who are going against the flow of people trying to get to the checkout all the while dodging people crowding around the sample carts
    -people walking extremely slow while taking up the whole sidewalk

    BUT I love hearing Bennett blow rasberries and watching him hang out in his crib in the morning before he realizes i'm in his room AND the look on his face when he finally sees me

    PS:check out Design Sponge today...the guest blogger did a post on closet offices!

  3. oh my gosh - i laughed sooo hard reading your peeve #4 - that happens to me all the time but i don't think i've ever thought of it to put on a peeve list! you described it perfectly, i burst out laughing at my desk! Also, totally understand peeve #8, i have a friend that does that to me ALL THE TIME AHHHHH!

    Love all your things that you love too, but the one that made me laugh was the one about the treadmill w/ the light from heaven HAHAH

    You're hilarious! :)

  4. I love this. Your pet peeves made me chuckle!

  5. i concur with #5 and #8 on your peeves list, and it wasn't depressing... your happy list more than made up for it.

  6. i thought i was the only one with an incredible disdain towards chewing. haha. thank you for sharing that.

  7. You leave the CUTEST blogs Amanda! and #8 on your peeve list, I completely identify with- I used to feel really, really bad when people do that... Now, just don't care! Well, I kind of do, but... I don't! if you know what I mean. Not to be heartless. :)


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