Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reasons I love My Life #4

.quiet times.

My life is busy. It has been busy since I was a little kid and we lived next door to the church where my dad was a pastor. Since I can remember, I have been filling my plate with tons of things, and having to play catch-up way too often. Ben and I are really making a concious effort to slow down our life. Some of my most favorite and cherished moments are quiet times. A couple weeks ago I was really sick and home from work for three days. Not so fun to have the funky sickness, but really amazing to have three fulls days off peace and quiet at home with me and my doggy, my bible, a cup of coffee, Amelia and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and crafts.

My view for three days.
I couldn't be more content.
(unless i didnt feel like i had pinecones in my throat)

I had time to make this little guy.

a sunglasses case for my sissy-in-law.
"a" for allison.

that tree was a labor of love, let me tell ya.

Having quiet times is one of my favorite things to experience in life.
It makes me so relaxed and at peace.
What do you do to relax?


  1. i LOVE quiet time! just like you in that respect. i think for a similar reason as yours, just being a youth leader in my church from age 15 to 26 & being involved before that too. I never stopped or slowed down. And after that i got involved w/ theatre which is really busy. When i'm not doing a show (like now), i love to just sit & relax. My hubby is the same way. we can sit in the same room for hours, him reading or working on his laptop, me reading or blogging. It's so nice & i love it!

    I hope your throat is feeling better, though!

  2. that looked just like my view for the last few days! as much as being sick sucks, the time off from everything is really nice.
    i love your blog, very cute :)

    p.s. the sunglasses case is adorable!


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