Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 (+1=3) Things I Love Around My Home

I am playing along with Kassi over at Bacwoods Fern today and sharing two things I love around my home....except I'm cheating and sharing 3 because i can't decide today. So there!

Drum roll please...

#1: This window. Its from my house that I grew up in. It was a little downtown bungalow and OBVIOUSLY it needed the windows to be replaced. This guy here was also in our wedding. I love it. such history.

#2: our coffee table we scored from Hollywood Reruns. Same place we get our yellow chair. $30. great shape. nice finish (minus a couple tiny bite marks from Tangle).

#3: This little yellow apron thirfted by the lovely Lauren and delivered to moi as a gift. I love it the little half aprons. so dainty! Brings me joy when cleaning dirty dishes...something that is almost impossible :-)

I love love love these 3 little things at home. Excited to see what YOU love. Don't forget to link up here if you play along!

Happy Tuesday
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. i love old windows and i love that yours has so much history! that coffee table is pretty but that couch is awesome! i love the shape
    how sweet of lauren to send you that apron... she's pretty great.
    thanks again for playing along, you always have pretty things to look at!

  2. chevrons...it's not what I used but you could get them perfect this way...

  3. That apron is very cutsie! It hollers spring.. and cupcakes. {wink!}

    {p.s. I have a lil something waiting for you at my blog!}

  4. i commented on this and my comment never showed up :(.

    glad your apron makes washing dishes a little more joyful :).

    hope you got to enjoy the sun for a bit today!


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