Thursday, March 25, 2010

year #2: Cotton

In honor of our 2 year anniversary coming up on Monday...


in a cup

in style

on my feet

in a frosty field

sleepy time cotton

in the sky

on my taste buds

not sure if we will go traditional this year on the anniversary gifts. Pretty versatile though...maybe i'll come up with something fun.
Any good ideas?

( all images from weheartit )


  1. Oh.. I love that! Happy upcomming anniversary. I was just wondering.. I have a series of 'love stories' that i post on my blog, and would love to have yours featured. what do ya say? email me and let me know!

    but aside from all that. Cotton sure makes me tired. especially that first picture. and lovely pictures by the way.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy almost anniversary!! :)

  4. happy anniversary tomorrow girl!

    i got us new sheets for our 2-year anniversary. maybe a cool scarf would be fun...hmmm.... i dunno. i like doing the traditional gifts...i like that it gives me a theme or an idea, and it's just fun :).

    hope you guys have a great anniversary!


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