Thursday, January 7, 2010

confessions for a thursday morning

Dear Readers,

It has been weeks since my last confession.

1: I have the loveliest all kitchen appliances, the red kitchenaid mixer which i begged and begged for and always wanted but could never justify getting. Then my beautiful bridesmaids pitched in and got it for me as a wedding gift. I had dreams of muffins and cakes and cookies, but now... it looks nothing like this one here, full of baked goodness...but rather it sits.



on a little side table as a decoration in my kitchen. lovely, but not fulfilling its god-given purpose of filling my husbands tummy with yummies. yes, it remains, unused...(save one batch of cake-batter cookies and a bowl of mashed taters). day i will again show you my love. ooo, maybe a genie will pop out of you like I Dream of Genie?


2: Last weekend I went skiing for the first time with Ben, his brother and girlfriend, his dad, and a couple other friends. At first I thought I was really good..then we went a "big" run (aka not the bunny slope) and i got super scared and psyched out and couldn't seem to stay up for the life of me. I'm a slight perfectionist for those of you who don't know me...or maybe I'm just competitive. Anyhoo, I got really frustrated and walked down the mountain. thats right. skis off. walking down. children under the age of 7 racing past me.



But other than that it was pretty fun :-)

3: right now I want a donut so badly i might drive to 7eleven and get one. don't try and stop me.

4: i want to be a pioneer. I have wanted to be a pioneer girl since i was little. I want to plant a garden and wear a bonnet and live in the woods and shell peas and boil hot water in a bit pot over a fire.

could be fun?

Confessions, anyone?


  1. It is just so fun reading yours...I think I will keep mine to myself for a bit longer.

  2. I love your confessions! My red kitchen aide mixer is not getting enough love from me either!

  3. you are not alone! I had the exact same first time skiing experience as you. Went down the bunny hill like 5 times and thought I was ready to take on ANY MOUNTAIN. Unfortunately this was not the case. Needless to say, it was a long walk.


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