Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Special..except its not morning, its 2pm..

Hi! Happy Saturday! Who's glad its the weekend?


Today I am having my sweetest of all little friends (and kinda sister) Laura create a post for you! Here she is..

on the right, that's her! Ain't she cute?

A Saturday lazy day late breakfast morning at the Newell's. Ben and Amanda invited Tj and I over for scrambles, bacon, toast, and potatoes. It was a lovely time.

Toasty toast

Avocados for the scramblers

Piled high plates

Lodos and Teedles
being extra cheesy

Some good home cookin'

manly men cook for their ladies

Love birds

Amanda taught me how to blog for the first time today. I think I'll make one of my own someday. The day of fun then continued. Excited for tonight to worship Jesus, and have a ladies night at

Le Happy!

Have a wonderful Saturday :)



  1. way to pass on your blog skills :).

    looks like a lovely saturday morning ladies!

  2. Ok, maybe we should do breakfast at your house and dinner at mine! I want some! What a lovely morning with lovely people.


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