Monday, January 25, 2010

Reasons I love My Life #2

This guy, right here.

This is Ben. I married him on March 29, 2008. Another day i will share our whole story, which i find pretty darn special, but that's just me. All i can say about Ben is that God knows exactly what we need in a mate, and he gives us just that. He is more than i ever wanted. And when i say that, I mean that I used to have some ideas about what I wanted, and maybe some ideas about what i thought i needed, but goodness, I had no idea.

Here's what i think:

God made woman to be complete in Him, and God made man to be complete with Him AND woman. see? We don't really need a man, we need God. But, in His grace, He chooses to give us men to be helpmates to who LOVE us with HIS love. This is a gift. We get to poor our lives into someone who loves us back and shows us Christ's love.

"I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy, I woke and I saw that life is all
service. I served and I saw that service is joy." -Mother Teresa

Does that make sense? We shouldn't really need another example of God's love for us, because he gave us love personified in the person of Jesus.

BUT (another but) if you're like me, sometimes, you just don't get it. So he gives you someone to show you face to face. To poor into. To love you back right where you are. To make you thrive and glow and live the best life you can. To show you how much HE loves you. And sometimes, if you are like me, the person he gives you is SO much like Jesus, he makes you fall more in love with your maker.


Just my musings.

Some reasons why i love Ben:

1:He makes me laugh and take myself less seriously

2:We are 110% different, and that's perfect.

3:He forces me to be a better person.

4:He tells me I'm beautiful every single day, even when i know I'm not. and he probably does too.

5:That beautiful thing he says...he also makes me believe it.

6:He is strong

7:His heart is full of compassion

8:He will make the best dad in the world

9:He gets up every morning to walk Tangle so I can have some quiet time.

10:He makes me adventurous

11:He picked me to get old and wrinkly with.

12:He's not afraid to dream

13:He makes me understand Jesus' love more


  1. love love love love love love this.
    God so DOES know what we need
    andy and i are 110% different too and
    i love it. life would be so boring if we were
    the same! cant believe its almost already been
    2 years for you your wedding is on the top of
    my favorite wedding list

  2. Ben is are lucky...BUT so is he and I think he knows it. You are becoming a strong, Godly woman right in front of my eyes and I am so blessed to watch Him work on you! Ben will reap the benefits of what God is creating. Thanks for sharing today. Love it!

  3. ummmmm....i kind of love this a lot.

    i'm so glad God knows what we need even when we don't. isn't it crazy to try to imagine life without the wonderful man he's given you? i know i feel that way about craig. he probably wouldn't have been the person i'd choose when comparing men on paper, but he is absolutely perfect for me...the things i would think "wouldn't work"...the areas where we are SO different...those are areas that God knew i'd need in a help mate and i think that is a beautiful thing. thank you for sharing this and reminding us all to stop and be appreciative of our wonderful husbands :).

    oh...and p.s. e-mail me your e-mail is:

    i would love to thrift and craft....and maybe have some good tea and baked goods :).

  4. i'm so glad I found your blog! i just love it! it sounds our hubby are very's almost scary! :) we're a couple of LUCKY girls!


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