Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking Forward To..

Its Thursday, and the work week is almost over. Its about that time when i start getting really excited and ready for some relaxing weekend plans. This is the first time since Ben and I have met that we have real weekends off together, and man..we're having fun! Starting at 5:00 tomorrow I will be nowhere near a counting tape or accounting software. I will be doing the following:

#1: Much needed girl time.

with these girls here:

and these girls here:

.Shannon and Melissa.

We'll be having some very much overdue girl time that will consist of:


*portland stroll.

*Almoae's bedtime.

*chat. chat. chat. chat.





sounds fun huh? I can't wait. I love these ladies.

#2: Somewhere warm, well, pretending anyway.

with these crazy people here:

.Katy and Jeremy.

We'll be havin' ourselves a little indoor mid-winter tropical party. I guess you can call it a party if its only four people, as long as it includes the following:

heat cranked.

tank tops and sunglasses on.

ridiculous tropical drinks with umbrellas.

with a little of this:

and probably some of this:

Should be a good time.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

do share!


  1. ha ha you put up the photo with her fake hair!! ewe! I'm so looking forward to it too...

    your tropical party sounds great. should be a party with those 2!

  2. haha thats fake hair!? i couldn't even tell! funny!!!

    I know, jeremy and katie are hilarious. you should see ben and jeremy together..its too much.

  3. dont' worry, your niece didn't want to see you or anything...

  4. weekend plans= Friday date night (When in Rome). That's about the extent of our weekend plans I guess, but I can't wait! Sounds like an exciting weekend!

  5. sounds like an exciting weekend. I did the workout...lets just say I have no balance :)

  6. yes it's a icky headband with two fake pony's on top! i put it on her as a joke to show my sister at segals and she snapped the photo. people really put fake hair on babies..!!!

  7. sounds like such a fun weekend!

    i'm so jealous of your tropical party.

    craig would never go for that....he's way too cheap to crank the heat. hope you guys have fun!


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